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I coach:

✨Caregivers, families & friends in creating a meaningful goodbye 

✨Death Doulas step-by-step to launch their services

✨Holistic and medical health practitioners in supporting their clients

As an experienced Death Doula and Death Educator in Elora, Ontario, I offer guidance from diagnosis through death and bereavement.

I came to deathcare through experiencing the deaths of a few loved ones. I was left with an intuitive sense that there must be another way to do dying, death and bereavement than the current cultural model. I saw a deep desire to be seen in the experience of those that were dying. Having had similar yearnings in my life, I connected with them exactly where they were in their experience and deeply stayed with them in their humanity without assumptions, judgment or fixing.

This led me to become a Death Doula and start Modern Deathcare. I am committed to deeply seeing and acknowledging my clients. I am dedicated to a legacy of changing our cultural model and reclaiming community-centred deathcare. I believe in encouraging a cultural reengagement in dying, death and bereavement and that death planning leads to a meaningful and transformational experience.

Featured in

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