I guide overwhelmed loved ones that are supporting someone dear to them who is in their dying time. I offer support from diagnosis to death and throughout bereavement. You may access my services at any stage.


Strategic Planning and Support Consult

In these intensive sessions, you and I sit down for one hour and get to the heart of what’s important to you. After we go over the details of your unique situation, I support you in:

  • Creating a meaningful end of life where your loved one's wishes are honoured

  • Gathering the essential information to create an end of life plan

  • Preparing you emotionally for your loved one’s death

  • Suggesting comfort measures

  • Providing symptom management techniques

  • Recommending what to say to the dying person

  • Offering ways to bring in spiritual practices

  • Proposing how to save thousands of dollars on funeral and end of life expenses

  • Providing the options and resources to access environmentally friendly and alternative cremation and burial options


You get access to the recording afterwards and you will leave with a clear action plan at the end of the call. Structure of our session:

  • 1-Hour 1:1 Strategic Planning and Support Session (over Zoom or by phone)

  • Coaching session recording (for you to rewatch or re-listen to anytime)

  • Clear next steps in sequence

  • Resources to support your end of life vision

  • 1 week of unlimited voice and text support following our call 


The Modern Deathcare End of Life Planning Guide is an essential fill-in-the-blank planner to prepare for end of life and may be purchased.


Urgent Planning and Emotional Support Package
4 x 1-Hour Sessions 

This package is perfect for you if, in addition to your questions about logistics, preparing, and next steps, you would also like to transform an overwhelming end of life experience into a slowed down meaningful, goodbye with the person you love. 

Along with what I cover in the One-Hour Strategic Planning and Support Consult session, this package is great if you are feeling overwhelmed and not sure what to do or where to start, how to make your experience or your dying loved one’s better and cope with more ease. You may have little time left to say goodbye and get their affairs in order or perhaps the person has died suddenly and you want to transform this shocking experience into a meaningful one which aids in healthy grieving. 


This package allows for even more emotional support as I follow alongside you on your journey. Those that are close to the person in their dying time often find themselves trying to hold it together for their family meanwhile are experiencing their own grief. I provide a safe space to talk through all matters of death. I can also offer ways to manage anticipatory grief and bereavement. Guidance is also available if their death is imminent or has already occurred. The initial session in this package is guaranteed to be booked within 72 hours of making contact. 


  • 4 x 1-Hour 1:1 Support Sessions (over Zoom or by phone)

  • Coaching session recording (for you to rewatch or re-listen to anytime)

  • Clear next steps in sequence

  • Resources to support your end of life vision

  • Initial session guaranteed to be booked within 72 of making contact

  • Book included: The Modern Deathcare End of Life Planning Guide 

  • 3 Weeks of unlimited voice and text support following our call


Journeying through the
End of Life

I partner with you to give you the confidence to be witness to your loved ones dying time. I support you in not feeling alone in one of life’s most challenging times. I help you to realign your arrow to what’s important and help you to create the experience that supports your greatest desire throughout this journey. I guide you through this untethered, confusing, emotionally overwhelming time and give you action steps to prepare to say goodbye and create a deeply meaningful experience. 


This package often appeals to loved ones who wish to learn everything they can about what to expect at the end of their loved ones life, they appreciate having a plan and emotional support readily available.

AVAILABILITY: I only accept 2 new clients/month.


This package includes:


  • Introductory call to understand your unique situation and goals

  • A goal-based end of life planning session 

  • Weekly 1:1 sessions, one hour each, that assist with education, planning and emotional support

  • Continuous compassionate support employing a wide array of non-pharmacological pain management and comfort measures.

  • Grief check-ins during our weekly calls where I offer support, helpful information, access to local resources or simply the opportunity to talk about what's on your heart and mind as well as ask questions.

  • Community resource recommendations - Personal referrals from your death doula to other healthcare professionals and service providers are available.

  • Book included: The Modern Deathcare End of Life Planning Guide

  • Unlimited voice and text support.