Modern Deathcare End-of-Life Planning Guide

Modern Deathcare End-of-Life Planning Guide

A comprehensive end-of-life planning guide for any stage of life. This fill-in-the-blank guide helps you to document the essential information, your end-of-life wishes and provides detailed information about the options specific to Ontario.

Planning in advance before there is a need allows you to think with clarity and begin the process of having evolving conversations. Our preparedness is also a gift to those left to do the work. This guide was created to spare those important to you the unnecessary added grief, anxiety and expense that come with death. Your preparation and forethought will answer questions that arise for your loved ones and will help them to understand your wishes. This will allow them to move through their grief without being hampered by the search for account numbers, documents, and other necessary information at a time of need.


Let's get started today. Let's put pen to paper.


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